The Nearly Deads

My first impression of this band, before ever having heard their music was “They’re adorable and they have such a clever name. I can dig that, now let’s see how they sound.” Since that initial impression however, I have been listening to their music on repeat. Every song that I have heard from them is simply musical perfection.
The vocals are flawless, the instrumentals tight, the overall sound is clean and sets the bar very high for any new band you hear after them. In other words, I wouldn’t want to follow them even if they were the opening act and I was the seasoned veteran.
They are HOT.
This band is one that you need to have on your radar, because they aren’t only going to catch fire, they’re going to be engulfed in FLAMES!

A few facts concerning their single “I said” (which I will link you to momentarily on soundcloud and the stellar video of it on youtube)

* Was added @ iDobi Radio – It’s in Medium rotation and received 18 spins last week, moving into Heavy Rotation with at least 30 spins per week starting June 9th.
* has been added to “New Alternative First” @ Slacker Radio
* has been added to’s “Alternative” and “Tomorrow’s Hits today” channels. -> CBS “Soundout” research came back 85% positive!
* has been added to
* has been added to’s “Pop Punk” and “Modern Rock” channels.

Freakin’ Awesome, right? Let me link you to their tunes and then I’ll show you some more cool facts,just in case you think I’m biased. (I’m NOT, they’re really THAT GOOD, but juuuust in case you think I am.)

Full Album Stream (Including “I Said”) on Soundcloud!

“I Said” Video

Even more impressive facts about TND? I know what you’re thinking, “it can’t get better” – Oh how wrong can you be? It does! Read on…

- TND has been touring the U.S. extensively for years, and have done more than 500 shows in the last 3 years alone. The Nearly Deads have shared bills with the likes of Halestorm, All-American Rejects, Tonight Alive, Warner Drive, Man Overboard, Sick of Sarah, Cherri Bomb, Captain Capa, City Of The Weak, Darling Parade, Kaleido, It Lives It Breathes and Stitched Up Heart and have played Big Festival stages at Vans Warped Tour, PrideFest, Summerfest, and Journey’s Backyard BBQ.

- The Nearly Deads continue to amass wide-spread critical acclaim throughout the industry: In 2012 they won the John Lennon Songwriting Contest and a Converse Battle of the Bands competition.

- The band has received significant airplay on MTVu, FUSE, BlankTV, Vevo and YouTube.

– TND has achieved glowing features in Absolute Punk, Alt Press, ARTISTdirect, Outburn, PureVolume, Revolver and Substream Magazine and rose to#14 on the Billboard Next Big Sound Chart!

Now onto the fun stuff – how to connect with these beautiful people and keep up with where they’re gonna be and any news they may have!

Official Homepage

They NEED to round out your musical collection – Oh and once you’re addicted – You’re welcome. :O)

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