Ceaser – “Tell Him it’s Over”

Today is the day dreaded by – in the words of Bridget Jones “Singletons everywhere” – and anticipated by most betrothed, attached, or married folks, well except for the occasional weirdo like myself. Valentine’s Day. I’ve never been a fan really, and although it’s not because I’m jaded over the “Holiday” I just find it to be another excuse for McDonaldization and pointless consumerism and commercialism. However, there are plenty who hate it for more personal, justifiable reasons – guarantee there are a plethora of people (single and married alike, all with their own problems) crying into their alcoholic beverage of choice right now while listening to some sad, sappy songs. STOP IT! Right now! Cease and desist I say!

I have the perfect song for you, that sums up cheating, disloyalty, being the other man who wants your honey to choose and it’s too upbeat to allow you to have any pity parties. On top of the great tempo of the song, seemingly out of nowhere you’re hit with this smooth, flowing, almost flawless rap and you’re hooked. You won’t be crying over Mr. [or Ms] anybody, but you’ll find yourself dancing along to the catchy tune. On repeat.

Terry Emm from Cannonball PR sent it over to me to have a listen and made me privy to the following information to pass along to you guys! After you’ve read it, be sure to click that youtube button and go listen to the song- you’ll have it on repeat and who knows, maybe you even have a special lady to dedicate it to in your life.:

“Ceaser is a UK born Singer Songwriter with the ability to adapt to many styles of performance. As well as being a classically trained Pianist and accomplished flute player Ceaser is a talented poet who rhymes with a melodic style over any beat.

He combines his past experiences with an unorthodox, mixed influenced sound… one that is full of originality and easily distinguishable from anything in the UK music scene. Fusing influences from a mixture of genres, including Reggae, Indie, R’n’B, Acoustic and Dubstep, his sound remains consistently unique and exciting.
Ceaser has been recognised by many as an artist who will always step outside of the box with his music, consistently encapsulating new sounds. His style remains distinctive; incomparable to any other, and led to his first official feature ‘Golden’ alongside the now emerging Dream McLean.
Along Ceaser’s musical journey he has been able to link up with childhood friend Plan B, and play an active role in the development of the multi-award winning album ‘The Defamation of Strickland Banks’. Off the back of these achievements, Ceaser has been given the opportunity to work with Maverick Sabre and many other names in the UK music scene.

Ceaser is a multi-talented young man with a bright future. Having signed a publishing deal with Macmillan Publishers for his autobiographical tale about his experiences in Dubai being arrested and tortured, as well as a clothing endorsement with clothing brand Gabicci already under his belt, there is a lot more to look out for from Ceaser.
The debut E.P “The Story Of Karl Williams” marks another exciting chapter in Ceaser’s life.”

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