C. Young – Blue Enigma

“I miss the feeling of falling in love with a song…”

Damn, me too. But Chris Young reminded me what that was like with his single “Young Black Butterfly” from his album Blue Enigma. I love hip hop music and I absolutely love lyrics with purpose.

C. Young released Blue Enigma in dedication to his late grandfather and it is an album that I’m certain his grandfather would be proud of. His sound includes the perfect blend of that old school hip hop simplicity, modern tendencies, and powerful lyrics full of substance. Whether he’s rapping about the meaning of music or giving a shout out to Jimi Hendrix while talking about the journey that is life, C. Young tells a meaningful story.

This album is worth more than a listen. Even if you aren’t extremely fond of hip hop, it’s easy to appreciate the artistry. His single for “Blue Enigma” is available on iTunes for purchase and look out for him on the SXSW stage in March 2015.

Just to give you a taste, I recommend checking out his performance with Grammy award winners after earning championship title on Shade 45’s Wake Up Show Rap Battle with Sway on YouTube below…

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