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Who the Hell Are We?



Normally when you click an “about me” link, you get all of the boring, mundane details.

Here, we try to spice it up a little – we  don’t hold anything back. This could be our greatest success or our worst regret, that remains to be seen. However, in a world where nothing is as it seems, we wanted to bring back some blunt honesty and whole hell of a lot of personality.


We’re an up and coming (in our own minds and hopefully yours) online magazine, the internet’s best kept musical opine and information secret(s). If you’ve read the older print or online music mags, you know that they are more commercial, more mainstream and lacking substance anymore. Truly sad that money has become everyone’s god & priority – but not with us. We’re poor as fuck, so no worries there.

Here we focus on the music from every aspect – Read: From thought process to composition, the artist(s) to the fans and everything in between. We don’t care if they’ve just fallen off of the turnip truck, or they’ve been around for decades, we want to introduce/reintroduce them to the world bathed in our light and energy.

I assure you, the interviews and articles you will read here are incomparable. Nope, that’s not ego talking, that’s sheer confidence in the brilliance of the team here at Musical Seduction.


We lack censorship

Thrive on Creative expression


Fully support the random.