Anna Renee “Guilty”

I’ve reviewed Anna Renee before, and as you all can attest I love her music – her debut single “Guilty” that launched her new Album “The Places You’ll Go” which dropped on December 9th of last year is no exception to the rule.
Her voice is soulful, sultry, beautiful and flawless. She has pipes that makes you wish you could do what she does.

Via Sera over at Magic Tree Productions in regards to the track and Anna Renee’s new EP:

“When Anna brings herself into an artistic space she has no trouble filling the void of silence; an actor, songwriter, and vocalist, she fearlessly tackles each art form with a wild, thought provoking manner. When it came to writing and recording her debut, she pulled from inspirations like Fiona Apple and Regina Specktor, working closely with musicians that effortlessly allowed her vision to flourish. Produced by Aaron Dudley (Miley Cyrus, YLA), “The Places You’ll Go” is a progressive pop album that’s dripping with languid jazz licks and heartfelt soul. There’s no lack of collaboration, on her first foray into the land of writing and recording, Anna wrote with Stevie Mackey (The Voice), John Would, and Aaron Dudley to allow the inspiring words and stories to come together in a seamlessly courageous way. The EP doesn’t shy away from dramatic expressions and explosive instrumentation as it moves through the human condition; exploring everything from fighting anger, apprehension, passion, and fear in a way that is incredibly real.

Anna Renee’s debut single “Guilty” launches the EP, fearlessly austere at moments, before mixing with the punchy beat and flighty vocals. It’s a bluesy mix of pop and soul, coming together to paint a picture of an independent woman that refuses to be anything but herself. An inspiring message that transcends genres, Anna presents a thought-provoking, insightful version of herself that is impossible to forget. The drama kicks into full gear on “Pendulum,” in which every single waveform is pierced with purpose. There’s a rhythmic intensity that is filled with a sense of uncertainty and promise, as Anna belts out over the highs and lows in a way that demands attention. It’s chaotic yet engaging, pulling the listener in while exposing them to the dynamic mixture of dread and hope. “The Places You’ll Go,” is a reflective ballad that lets the strength and power of Anna’s vocals become the star of the show. The lyrics are a personal examination of courage and strength, constantly giving hope to those who need the extra encouragement to finally tackle the dream that seemed so out of reach. The vocals and piano mingle together, coexisting almost as if one instrument, climbing up one note at a time before tumbling back down. On “Sharks” Anna provides a deeply introspective look at the life of a Hollywood hopeful. There’s a distinctly disjointed instrumental feel on this track that provides a twitchy rhythmic beat, sinking into an almost ambient experience. It gives life to a track that is so buried deep in the story-line, allowing the lyrics to flourish and shine. “Ready for Flight” sinks into an almost acoustic feel, wispy guitars and pared down vocals meander to an explosive chorus with a brutal hook. Surrounded by dollops of lush orchestration, the rock-infused track comes off as epic and meaningful. The harrowing breakdown quakes in a smattering of sounds that are undeniably extravagant, sending shockwaves through the arrangement, as you feel the rush of frenzied emotions. “Battle Cry” is the perfect ending to the EP marked by eclectic musical flourishes that are engaging and incisive. Her vocals wash over the melody, flowing perfectly with the percussion amid a wave of harmonies, building up to an emotional climax. Between the rush of the piano and the pounding of the drums, Anna floats on the lyrical empowerment that’s wrapped within each and every chorus.

Anna Renee brings every piece of herself to the table on “The Places You’ll Go,” digging deep into her own experiences and reflections to put authentically truthful words into a perfectly produced sound. Her debut is a stunning example of flourishing talent, paving the way for a musical career that will stand the test of time.”

We couldn’t have said it better, nor agree more. We can’t wait to see what Anna comes out with next, but until then we’ll be sitting over here enjoying “The Places You’ll Go” and most definitely not feel “Guilty” about it. Although, that song is off the charts incredible. Just so you know.

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