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The wonderful women over at LadyLake Music take support for Indie Musicians to a whole new level of off the charts amazing! They sincerely and genuinely appreciate each and every artist that they reach out to and help, and are filled with gratitude for any support that they receive.
In essence, if you are a part of their world, you are family and they always make you feel that way. I’m proud we can call ourselves part of that ever-growing family. So, when they told me that they had something for me to put up on their Awards show, I jumped at the chance – almost literally. Almost. I don’t want to hurt myself or anyone else for that matter.

The following is a list of their Awards – be sure to check out each and every artist, you’ll find something you like, I promise!

LadyLake Music, a flourishing international music publicity company, presents the winners of our 2014 annual indie awards, celebrating excellence in independent music.

LadyLake Music welcomes you to join us in congratulating the following outstanding independent musicians for excellent achievement this year. The staff of LadyLake Music hosts these awards annually as our way to ‘pay it forward’ to the independent music community in thanks for their support throughout the years. Based on music submitted freely to our agency by independent artists or their representatives, we give you, in reverse order, the BEST OF 2014.

10. Tamika Dunning – All I Am Rich, sultry tones from this stunning R&B singer resonate on standouts ‘Just The Two’ and ‘Paper Chase’. Available on MGE Records.

9. KARA – Waters so deep… Beautiful vocals by Daria Kulesh and hammered dulcimer of Kate Rouse transport on this CD. Favorites include ‘Hunter’s Moon’ ‘Mermaid’s Lullaby’. Beautiful visual presentation as well.

8. The Forrest McDonald Band – Turnaround Blues Great funky blues. Title track and ‘River of Tears’ stood out to us.

7. Curse and the Cure – Norma Hopson and Jason Touchette offer sexy harmony on ‘Leave The Light On’ and the gorgeous ‘3 AM’ which was our favorite track on the self-titled EP.

6. Sidelined – Infectious power rock/pop from Adrian Swisher and company will get you out of the chair and rocking on this self-titled demo. A bit of a throwback to The Ramones mixed in. One to watch.

5. The Autumn Stones – In With The Out Crowd An absolute Bowie-esque flair with a side of Depeche Mode on ‘In With The Out Crowd’ and ‘End Of Faith’. Interesting. Quirky. We dig!

4. Lisa Martin – Winter Songs An exquisite collection of seasonal songs coming from Mark Thayer/ Signature Sounds Studio of CT. Full-bodied music perfect for a family gathering, a great bottle of wine, or a countryside drive (or at least a vision of those things!) Standout tracks include ‘Snowbound’ and ‘Christmastime Is Here’, but ‘Mary Did You Know’ absolutely blew us away. Lisa Martin delivers a rich, velvety vocal accented by Cathy Day on fiddle. Highly recommended.

3. Elm Treason – Days Of Reaction Rarely do we find an indie act that is this damn groovy. From the opening track, ‘Days Of Reaction’, with its wicked guitar to ‘With You’, with its Kinks influence, to our personal favorite – ‘Honey Feet’ with its Grateful Dead nuances, Bobby Steel and Andy Roman serve us the best of hippy rock with a cool, current twist. You need to buy this.

2. Chuck Brunicardi – Where Sunset Meets The Beach Shades of Simon & Garfunkel on this lyrically rich collection with outstanding tracks ‘Roland’ and ‘Do Not Stand’. The funky ‘Waiting For Mail’ will have you jiving along. A favorite track here is ‘Hawaii’ which starts off slowly, then evolves into a lush tropical chorus. Very highly recommended.

And the TOP CD OF 2014 goes to

Bob Rylett – Winter Driving

(Below the post you will find his page listed under “Official Page”)

All songs written by Bob Rylett.

Band: Bob Rylett, Allan Rodger, Steven Drake, Jay Riehl

Producer: Allan Rodger

We have followed Bob for years, and always loved his music, but this CD of Americana/roots music rings every bell! The album opens with ‘Stumble’, with a great hook and Bob’s distinctive Dylan-esque voice. Track two, ‘Shudder’, rocks us along with ‘a hug and a kiss, buttercup’. ‘Step Right Up Here’, Bob’s next track, will have you dancing for sure. ‘Sizing Me Up’ is a sing-along song that you will love, as Bob engages the listener to truly get into the song. ‘Slippery’ is great fun, fabulous to jam along to, with a honky-tonk feel. The pace shifts with ‘Skid’, a philosophical track, then picks up with the humor in Bob’s ‘Story Of Itchy Weed’. ‘Shun’ follows with some beautiful harmonies, and ‘You Can’t Win Them All’, a finger-snapping, upbeat tune, stands out as a favorite on the album. The CD closes strongly with ‘Street Easy’ with an unexpected hint of reggae. An all-over fabulous CD you MUST BUY!!

We hope that you enjoy these albums as much as we have here at LadyLake Music! Thank you so much to all of the artists who submitted their work, and congratulations from us to all of the winners.

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