Rubato’s “Prelude with Attitude”

My first impression of the song “Prelude with Attitude” by Rubato, was that it sounded very similar to a track from Phantom of the Opera – and then it got down and dirty. I mean, this song becomes downright sexy. Whoever has said that you have to have lyrics to convey a tone, or get a message across was wrong.
This song tells a story – one of love, of lust, of betrayal, a song of life – all without words.
I’m definitely a fan.

A bio snippet that I received garnered even more of my attention:

RUBATO is a three-piece ensemble from East London who explore the limits of contemporary musicianship. Their debut single ‘Prelude with Atttitude’ is out Nov 23rd and is a re-interpretation of Sergei Rachmaninoff’s ‘Prelude in C Sharp’ with industrial sounds and modern atmospherics. It features Bishi Bhattacharya on vocals (a rising star and pioneer of the New York nu-cabaret scene, much lauded by Yoko & Sean Lennon).

How amazing? Music is a beautiful thing, uniting people the world over. It can be interpreted and re-mastered in so many ways to make it sound new time and again.

Music truly is the universal language.

Check em out:


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