Ray Brower “Principles Over Progress”

From: Aberdeen, Scotland
Genre: Metal/Hardcore

Progressive and powerful little ditty from their forthcoming album “Speaking Truthfully, Thinking Brave.”
A big thanks to @fathippyrecords and @DearJohnHQ for introducing us to Ray Brower!

Crisp, clear sounds of electric madness bolting through your ears, making your brainwaves thrash about your skull!
Just the right amount of all that requires a great band to create an inspiring song that leaves you waiting for the rest that is to come.
A lot of progress can be felt in this band’s principles to put forth their energy and love of hardcore metal.

I, myself, look forward to hearing more from the Ray Brower Band. From start to finish of this single track off their to be released EP, I found myself loving every second and anticipating more.

If you don’t know about these talented guys and their band, then get up and listen up!!

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