Martin Callingham

Terry Emm is always sending over some of the most awesome, and unique talent for us to check out over at Musical Seduction and you’ll see plenty of those artists featured.
When I opened the email with the video of “Knots” by Martin Callingham included, I wasn’t the slightest nervous to click it, if anything I was stoked to see what it was about.

Now, for those that either don’t know who Martin is, or may think that his name sounds familiar, allow me to keep you in suspense no longer. He is the front man for the critically acclaimed indie-folk band Joyce the Librarian, and he’s releasing his debut solo album “Tonight, We All Swim Free” on February 16th.

I can tell you that I was enamored in less than the first minute of this video, because it portrays interpretive dance by people from different walks of life. It’s beautiful. The song knocks down the walls of everyday life and brings forth nostalgia, recalling the best of your past, and even some of the painful parts allowing you to dance with both and not fall down a rabbit hole of despair and self-pity. It’s absolutely wonderful. Seriously, Gideon Cole has been spinning tracks from the album on BBC 6 music, and Clash describes Martin’s music as – and I quote, a “Superb Autumnal fare, its gilded arrangement is perfect for long country walks, crushing leaves as you go.” I couldn’t have said it better myself.

You should not only check out the video, but any work by Martin and I’ll be listing a couple of his tour dates below – if he’s near you (in and about the London area) or you like to travel, go see him live. Support the indie music community, without fans and word of mouth too many talented individuals and bands go unnoticed.

February 19th – The Betsey Trotwood, London
February 20th – The Folk House Bristol

Image Credit: Dylan Kissell

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