“Sunburn” – Ryan Schmidt

Nashville, whaaattt???!! Yeah, so I basically live in Nashville and I get pretty excited when I get to hear new indie music created by someone so close. It’s Music City, USA, so there’s a ton of competition when it comes to being heard. With that being said, I love pushing new sounds on people when I think they’re awesome. (Cause, let’s face it, my opinion is the only one that really matters to me…and if you ask my close friends I think it’s the only one that should matter to them too. Right, Willow?)

Ryan Schmidt, anyone? Heard of him? No? Well, let’s change that right now. Ryan’s single “Sunburn” went live on Soundcloud Wednesday, February 11, 2015 and my only regret is that I couldn’t get the news out to everyone sooner.

The song is a tribute to his growing up on the Atlantic Ocean and of summers and loves past and their transient nature. I love it when I can close my eyes and be transported by a song to a different time, a different place…a different state of mind. Ryan does a good job of transcending the boundaries of time by triggering memories with his voice and his lyrics.

Ryan is a Nashville based songwriter and pop singer by way of rural New Hampshire. His debut EP LoveLust dropped July 8th, 2014 and was featured on iTunes New & Noteworthy Pop Chart, and rightfully so. He touts himself as a “real estate auctioneer and crazy cat lady by day, songwriter by night”…but I for one, think that Ryan should quit his day job. Just sayin’.

Give him a listen, guys! I presumptuously demand it! And I wouldn’t steer you wrong!

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