Ella Eyre “Bullet for You”

First, it’s good to be back! I’ve been away for a bit…I’ve had some trying things happen in my personal life which is beyond complicated all on it’s own and a combination of work and school have sufficiently kept me beyond busy. So, I really appreciated and reveled in the opportunity to sit down and listen to some of the amazing submissions that we get here at Musical Seduction.

The very first thing I heard when I took a dive into my email was Ella Eyre’s “Bullet for You” and my only thought upon hearing it was “Yessssss!!!”

Music is like a lifeline for me. It keeps me going and resonates somewhere deep within me that I cannot reach on my own. I am really grateful when I open my emails and I get to listen to amazing talent and songs that, for lack of a better description right now, don’t suck. This, my friends, is a song that doesn’t suck!

“I never wanted a thing to change, but things have changed around me…” Such relatable lyrics. Set to an entrancing rhythm, the song will capture you and hold you hostage until its end. By then, you’ll be begging the DJ in your head to play it one more time. (Yes, I have a DJ in my head…if you were cool, you’d have one too…don’t judge me).

Ella Eyre is a London soul songstress who has been wow’ing crowds throughout the UK. She has already sold out a headline tour and is filling prolific slots at this summer’s festivals. Check out “Bullet for You” and Ella’s video for her song “Comeback”, both taken from her Comeback EP. She’s smart, she’s sassy, and she’s got an incredible and soulful voice…my kind of girl! I promise, you won’t be disappointed!

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