From: Austin,Texas
Genre: Hardcore/Metal/Progressive

They say everything is bigger in Texas! I, myself, don’t know if that is fact or opinion, but I do know that the metal scene is most definitely getting bigger.
The last several years I’ve seen a new level in bands raising from the South and flooding the lone star state with Metal Music.

As with many bands that I could list, and eventually will get around to posting about, I set my sights this time on the band Neverbloom.

Catching my attention as I listen to their self titled EP, (which is available at their bandcamp page for download!) this five piece Texas Southern-Metalcore band brings the heat to your earholes! Their sound is groove grinding, with vocal stylings that scream and growl together forming metal music for the enjoyment of the masses.
I most definitely recommend making your way to a show to support this band, for as it is with them and all other bands keeping metal alive for their generations and those to come.

Many will attempt, but few will master their art and own a piece of history in music, keep it alive and let the influences that bared the fruits of everyone’s labor to live on.

As metal core is becoming more trendsetting in metal music, I find many sounding the same and then there’s the handful or so that makes it their own – I find Neverbloom does just that.

So listen up and support this band and add them to your world of music!

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