Set Mo “White Dress” (Ft. Deutsch Duke)

A little background about Set Mo and “White Dress” passed to Musical Seduction from Chelsea over at Cut Above:

‘White Dress’ is the exciting new single from Australian production duo Set Mo (Nick Drabble & Stu Turner), the first in a line of big releases they have planned for 2015. Written in London after a week in Ibiza, ‘White Dress’ was inspired by great music, bronzed skin and golden beaches. Set Mo set out to write something inspiring and emotional, something that would perfectly capture that never-ending summer feeling. Upon their return to Australia, Set Mo shared this new recording with good friend and studio-neighbor Deutsch Duke (aka Dennis Dowlut), a musical genius who has worked with everyone who is anyone in the Australian music scene; from Elizabeth Rose to Gypsy & The Cat, Flight Facilities to Daniel Johns.

And Set Mo had this to say:

“We wanted to create a feel-good house record that people could relate with and sing along to. We’ve all had a holiday romance at some stage in our lives, and we hope this will take you back to yours, even if it is just for a few moments”

Amazing!  A romantic song that is about someone’s experience with a girl? Yeah, break out the champagne and dim the lights. It’s a beautiful, captivating song that makes you want to go back and listen again.

You know that song on the radio that you hear and it sticks in your head? This is it!
By the time you hear it, you will be running for their next song.

Anyway, Set Mo is extremely talented, the type of musician(s) that I love to listen to. It’s kinda hard to believe that it is such a smooth song, but it is. A sweet secret, only one everyone should know about! But be warned! You could get lost in it if you’re not careful, but I’m sure you’ve already found that out, and if you haven’t I recommend that you lend them an ear.

I wish I had a white dress right about now *Sigh*, but I don’t so I say to any ladies listening, reading, etc. to go out and find one! Though not just girls should listen to or read this, guys absolutely should too!
I think “White Dress” is a good song, and not just that, but the beat is amazing and makes you want to dance, though the words make you want to be still and listen.

When I first heard this song, I thought “Surely these guys are used to plenty of screaming fans.”
Is anyone jealous? I mean, they’re so good I could sit here and listen to them for hours and not get tired of it.

If they don’t have a crowd of hardcore fans now, just give them some time and see how big they get.

Just remember to keep calm, and rock on!

‘White Dress’ will be available from iTunes on April 10, with thanks to etcetc music.

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