Mallory Trunnell “Happy”

I love when I get emails from Sera over at Magic Tree Productions and I’m fortunate enough to have a few more to go through.
The song she sent over by Mallory Trunnell “Happy” was a great feel good way to start off my Tuesday morning.
It’s infectious and though this next statement is going to date me, I have to tell you that it was reminiscent of a song from the nineties that you’d have dedicated to your crush at the skating rink. That guy you adored but hated all at the same time. You know what I’m talking about ladies – the guy you loved to pieces, but also wanted to “Punch in the face” as Mallory puts it.

Men are beautiful creatures, but be damned if they aren’t as frustrating as they claim that we are. This artist conveys that and wraps it up in a package that will have you dancing in your seat and singing along with her once you learn the words.
You simply have to add her, and especially this song to your playlist. It’ll get you moving!

Her new Album is out today as well – so go on and purchase “Words” you will NOT be disappointed!

So where can you find this spectacularly awesome song and more information on Mallory?

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