Kat McDowell Releases New Single “Human”

Before I even hit play on Kat’s new single “Human”, I knew it was going to be good because Sera over at Magic Tree Productions has yet to let me down when it comes to sending me talent to review – although it surpassed good by a country mile. The control and sound of her voice is unimaginable. She has such clarity and you can feel everything she’s singing, every word inflicts itself upon your heart and dwells there long after you’ve heard the song “Human”.

Need to know more about her? Me too!

Here’s a mini bio:

“Los Angeles Singer Songwriter Kat McDowell captures the emotional struggles and tribulations on her new single, “Human,” off her up-coming album “Rise Above” due out on October 28th, 2014.

A world traveler by birth, Kat was born in Japan and raised in New Zealand, allowing her mixed heritage to become a source of inspiration for the emotional connection she builds into every song she writes. After years of success in the Japanese market, which included numerous EP’s and full length albums, she took a chance and stepped outside of her comfort zone by hitting the road. With over 1000 shows under her belt, including festivals like Australia’s One Movement and stops in countries from Nicaragua to America; she steadfastly built a fan base that was drawn to her incredibly authentic and honest songs. She’s performed on a plethora of high profile television ads in Japan, and has been a cornerstone of strength as she’s toured Tsunami ravaged towns, armed with hope and understanding. With inspirations like the Foo Fighters and Jason Mraz, it’s no surprise that Kat builds songs around life experience and deep human emotion. Her newest single, “Human,” is a testament to her effortless exploration and telltale songwriting style.

Written after a particularly heated argument, Kat McDowell manages to turn on a sort of unending optimism that’s hidden beneath a delicate, almost indistinguishable, aching hurt. Pulsating guitars infuse an island-style feel, similar to Colbie Caillat’s early work, showcase the never ending span of international influences that make up Kat’s music. The track itself is a reflection of our every day struggles, and the power it takes to pick ourselves up off the floor and power through, the very human aspect of our desire to preserve. Kat weaves a curious kind of acoustic magic on this track, as the melody takes you on a journey and the lyrics paint a picture of the vivid and inspiring scenery that opens up all around you.”

I can’t impress upon you strongly enough how much you should take a leap and buy her album when it drops on October 28th, 2014. So bookmark the links – any of them, and you’ll be able to find out where to purchase it! Take a risk – this one will pay off, PROMISE!

Official Site

I’m telling you, the woman is so wonderful that her music should be considered a guilty pleasure.

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