Hayley Kiyoko – ‘This Side of Paradise’

Haunting. Melodic. Infectious. A living, breathing work of art with an electronic heartbeat. All of the aforementioned can be used to describe Hayley Kiyoko’s ‘This Side of Paradise.’

Relationships can be an amazing tornado of beautiful chaotic wonder. They sometimes begin as striking storms, move quickly, picking up bits and pieces of this and that along the way, only to fizzle out into nothing leaving a path of destruction and anguish in their wake. ‘This Side of Paradise’ captures the essence of this type of enigmatic relationship in a truly refreshing way. Hayley’s harmonious voice coupled with slightly melancholy lyrics and the electronic pulse at the heart of the song make for a singularly enchanting tune. Like a ghost, it lingered long after I stopped listening.

Hayley collaborated with UK producer and songwriter James Flannigan for this single which she recorded in her parents’ garage. Such grace. Such simplicity. Such an amazing song. Give it a listen.

Image credit: Martin Lambert

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