AViVAA: Graveyards

Sometimes a person just needs to escape reality, even if it is only for a few minutes. And nothing helps one travel to another universe or transforms one’s state of mind quite like music. If you’re looking for a particular song to help you achieve such an endeavor, you need look no further than AViVAA’s ‘Graveyards’.

The duo comprised of Aviva Payne and Matais Coulter astoundingly accomplishes their mission of exploring the limitless depths of their combined creativity with this single. Aviva’s vocals intermingled with Matais’ dark melodies deliver on providing a musical experience for which any true fan of music ventures to find.

Give this song a listen! It may just provide you with the small vacation from reality that you need. One thing is definite; you won’t be disappointed!

AViVAA are currently finishing their debut EP titled ECHO. If you like what you hear, look for it in January 2015!!


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