Next Door to the Moon “Tell Me When It’s Over”

Anyone who knows me, knows the love and affinity that I have for 90’s music – Next Door to the Moon has seemingly taken influence from every single one of my favorite 90’s bands and rolled it up into an amazing sound that takes me back to my teenage years. I could imagine flopping down on my bed after one of the angst filled back and forth break ups and blasting this song on repeat, so to say that I am kind of hooked and perhaps a little enamored are understatements.

The music itself is flawless – and if anyone would dare to disagree (As IF!) I’d put the proverbial smack down on ‘em, because seriously WHO could not love this song? Their sound? And although the talent is the most important part… I mean… c’mon they’re all ridiculously good looking, which absolutely doesn’t hurt.

The video is professional, will make you identify with one side or the other and will definitely crack you up at points, and have you shaking your head at others – you have GOT to go and watch it! I’ll link you to it at the bottom of this post, no worries.

Admittedly, I couldn’t stop after the video so I went and found more music by them – the reasonable thing to do when you’re a fan, you know what I’m sayin’. And each song is a gem in its own way, they don’t all sound the exact same and yet their style continuously comes through in every single track.

They are a MUST HAVE in your collection and on your playlists! Get to listening, and I’ll save you the trouble of trying to decide whether or not you love them – you do.

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