From: Birmingham, UK
Genre: Progressive Metal

All too often many young bands aspire to become entities in the music realm. Unfortunately, many fail due to many reasons, being either not well taught or trained, not meshing together as a unit or possibly not disciplined enough to cut it – just to name a few.
As for this and, Terraform, being a young band – in all senses I hear the differences in each member, as well as the band.
Well impressed as I read over their history and listen to their music and watch the videos associated with them, this band has it together on every level!

In their time as a band, having already put many a mile and shows under their belts, giving them the experience to lend an intensity and energy to their stage performances, as well as their music!
You can find much more about the band and their escapades out on their facebook, twitter, and youtube accounts, I, myself find them setting themselves a strong place in the music world and blazing trails all over.

If you have heard and already follow and support these guys then you’re ahead of the game, if not then I would suggest to those who haven’t to check out their sites and music and add them to your music vault.

Energetic, upbeat, grooved, well tuned and dropping pulsating grinds with heir own original spins – that to me makes them stand out from others.

Great things already from these guys and more to come!
Listen up and find out and anticipate what’s on the horizon.

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