Gift Giver

Genre: Tech/Nu-Metal
From: Detroit, MI

Burdens of the past pressing your soul, clinched tight in the darkness that relentlessly beats you down.
Pressure of Society that constantly drains you of existence, “Cursed” are the “Bastards” who rebel against this “Shit Life!”

What can you say unto this world of shit?
Fuck the system! Is how I feel and blasting this new album of “Gift Giver‘s” is all the fuel you need to arm your mind and release those feelings of discontent.
Conformity unto the sheep “they” (Society) want us to be for the slaughter of ourselves, for their justified ridicule of command.
Do yourself a favor and set a “trendkill” in motion and make a wave throughout. Freedom from the chains keeping you hostage, raise up and break the barriers of your own “Hell Bound” existence.

Damn this album is the shit!
With energy blasting to the core of their beings, “Gift Giver” will get you off your ass and ready to rage.
If you haven’t purchased this album yet, then do so!
And delight your ear holes by any means necessary -whether it’s at home, in the car, or if you get out on the scene and find these guys at a show, just fucking do it!!

Check out their social media sites, and find all previous material released by an amazing group of musicians.

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