Scream Your Name “Face to Face”

Genre: Swiss Post- Hardcore

As truly as diverse is the Swiss Army knife, so many different tools for survival and use one can find themselves needing in a variety of situations; this can also be said for Scream Your Name. A collaboration of talented Swiss musicians collectively meshing all sorts of genres and music styling to bring forth an onslaught of well – a mind fuck of music that will leave oneself thinking “Should these guys’ sound work or work against them?”
I, myself, find that it works personally!!

Intrigued as I continue to listen to collaboration after collaboration of songs strewn with many mixes of influences that this band brings together as one outfit.

This Album “Face to Face” released 10-24-14 so more than readily available to all contains a mixture of metalcore, rock, alternative, and electronic influences and these guys make their mark on each and every track from this album.
To be heard and belong with as one with their peers in the music industry, this young group of talent and force says it most convicting in their own words: from the bands’ name to the title of their album “Be true to yourself, don’t back down and fight for your ideals.”

So look em up, listen up and support an amazing band placing their energy unto the music realm.

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