Royal Hoax!! Rocking for a Reason!

It’s quite true that here at Musical Seduction we get plenty of submissions from worthy artists who just want to share their music with the world. We are very happy to share our thoughts and share their art with you all. It is rare, however, that we get to share music from a band who did not necessarily submit information to us in a conventional way.
As I mentioned in a previous post, I live in the Nashville area. As a result, I have the amazing privilege of getting to listen to some pretty awesome music on a semi-regular basis. I will say that it is an uncommon occurrence for me to meet an artist or a band that I feel that I can get behind so strongly as I have the band that I’m about to introduce to our readers. Not only is their music excellent, but they are really good guys raising awareness for a very admirable cause. For that above all, I applaud them.
Royal Hoax, everyone!! I’d love to just leave it at that and let the music speak for itself, but I’d like to think I can do them a bit of justice with my words. I met Jake Hoke today at a kiosk in a mall of all places. I’ll admit that I was really apprehensive when he approached, asking for 30 seconds of our time to listen to a bit of music by his band, but he seemed really genuine and I thought, “Yeah, sure, why not?” I went in expecting to hear some really shoddy stuff (trust me, if you live in or around Nashville long enough, your expectations for this kind of thing aren’t always the best). Instead, I was super impressed. In that 30 seconds, I heard a ton of talent and potential. I wanted to hear more.
After the thirty seconds was up, Jake began to tell us what the band was all about. But before I get into that, let me just take a minute to brag on their music. Royal Hoax is an alternative-pop rock group currently residing in Nashville by way of Detroit. I happen to have their album. I listened to it the entire way home…then again after I got home…and again when I went back out (yeah, it’s that good). Trust me when I say that there is something on this album for everyone. Each song was thoughtfully crafted by and you can really hear the passion in each verse. While I do have my favorites (Ticks Like a Timebomb, Streets of Chicago, Plenty to Burn), every song on the album is a potential hit in my opinion. Even though each song is very different, the album flows perfectly and is extremely cohesive. I loved it…every last song!
Now that we’ve gotten the good stuff out of the way, let’s get to the really good stuff. Remember when I said that the guys were raising awareness through their music for a very admirable cause? Well, I don’t say things like that lightly. Since 2009, Royal Hoax has raised well over 75,000 meals for families in need. They work with local food banks such as Gleaners Food Bank of Detroit and Second Harvest in Nashville collecting canned food to support their food drives. They’ve performed at over 50 high schools, colleges, and other venues while hosting these food drives and they also donate a chunk of their merchandise sales to support this cause. The band says “Instead of a simple distraction, they want their music and actions to be engaging and cerebral.” Their Rock4Hunger movement is truly a movement of “empathy, compassion, social awareness, and nurturing of the mind.”

If you all never listen to anything else I have to say or never check out another band that I review, please check out this one. They’re doing a great job of making music once again mean something. I think that’s important. I think that’s what music is supposed to be about. I think this is exactly the kind of thing that we, here at Musical Seduction, support and are more than happy to talk about. I’m sure Willow has some things she’d like to add as well…

Hey guys, Willow here! The second Laura told me about wanting to feature these beautiful souls – I said YES! No apprehension at all. First – because I trust Laura, but also because this is exactly the kind of stuff I want you guys to see here! I want you to know that becoming a musician and reaching people is oftentimes for way more than just to share art, or to gain fame (though those are also cool reasons to play, I have to admit), but sometimes it’s for things like this:


These guys have made a huge difference, and are doing amazing things for people, changing the world one meal at a time. I’m in awe.
And to add cherries to an already wonderful sundae? Their music is off the charts rockin’! I may have been sitting here typing this while bopping and swaying the entire time. (We won’t talk about how many typos I’ve made because of my “possible” chair dancing okay? Shhhh.)

There aren’t enough positive things to say about Royal Hoax, and if you have a passion for great tunes, beautiful souls, and music with a profound purpose you simply HAVE to listen to them. Follow them (on twitter, not in person – that’s creepy). Hit like on facebook. Go to a show. DONATE! SUPPORT!

Thank you, Royal Hoax – people like y’all help to restore faith in the compassion of and for humanity! I’m so glad you took the time to stop and talk to Laura. :D

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