Faith & Fury: “Lotus Eater”

Fiona Renshaw’s collaborative efforts with songwriter Andy Platts have forged a fire that even the bitter cold of a London winter (circa 2013), could not put out. “Lotus Eater” is unlike anything I’ve ever heard, and is heavily inspired by Greek Mythology.
Do you recall the tale of men who traveled to an island where they were given lotus flowers to eat, fast becoming engulfed in their narcotic qualities? The genius melodic tone of this song, paired with the dark edged lyrics combine to tell the story in a way that even a book could not; it breathes new life into an old tale.

I listened to the song repeatedly, trying to get a grasp on someone to compare Faith & Fury to, but just when I thought I had a hold on it, and had pinned down similarities to someone else, I’d hear something that would change my mind.

It’s safe to say that this pairing is not only a winner, but is definitely unique.

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