From: Columbus, OH
Genre: Metal/Rock

In long overdue research through my twitter, trailing back through all the truly talented bands that I’m grateful to have on that page, my eyes set upon the band Contentions from Columbus, Ohio. As I research, I discover these guys have been hard at work producing EP’s for quite a while now!

With a couple of EP’s out already and getting ready to drop a full length album here shortly, I find myself playing catch up with a line of greatness. Plugging my ears in and updating my mind to a band that puts in and gives out 200 proof of pure grain metal.

Finding within their music diverse mixes of high tempos and varying vocals, mids that lay grooves that you can feel in your bones and lows that make your body bow to obey the grind!
Contentions is a band that brings and delivers metal core music and owns their monstrous sound, as well as offering a subtle feel into the mix – they’ve got it all!

With “The Great Divide” being their debut EP in 2013, and “Cycles” shortly dropping thereafter, and in 2014 the “Lost Lights” EP under their belts a spark has turned into a flame and these guys are on fire and ready to burn even brighter!
With show performances, and being featured in magazines, not to mention the hard work they’ve put in at the studio to release a full length album (That will have a single being dropped from it on March 29th called “Color Blind”) how could they not??

I, myself, encourage all to purchase their new single for a cause they are passionate about: They’re giving all proceeds to the NOH8 Campaign!!!

So if you like metal music, and are for equality, then be kind and pay it forward. Add Contentions to your music vault and add some positivity unto the world as well!

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