Chase Walker Band

I’ve learned to have no expectations, whether it involves life, people or music and I was still surprised when I received the email regarding this band.
None of them are over 18 years old and sing as if they have been doing this for twice as long. They have blues and soul in their veins. Don’t believe me? There’s more than just my press on these guys and even more impressive is their list of accomplishments in the last 24 months – but you can read all about that RIGHT HERE!

If you click on that link up there *points* you can download a free song, preview their whole album before you buy and even watch videos of their performances. These boys are seriously talented and on the rise, so keep your eyes on them!

You want their social media links? Of course – who doesn’t keep up with those gems these days?

Here ya go:

Go show these guys tons of support, they deserve it!

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