raven x

Raven X “Essence Without Light” Out Now!

Genre: Gothic Death Metal
Hail From: Ohio

The land of Immortals all fight to find death!

With no sweet release in this hellish existence, their souls can only find darkness to embrace.
So in pleasure and pain withheld in contempt who’s to say what essence there is without light to guide all in the beyond? (As Lucifer himself gave soul to Heaven’s angelic choir and held anguish to all that besieged his ego-maniacal loathing gifts.)
Cast down and stricken to slither upon trampled ground unto which flesh gave all purpose; enraged and filled with hate, pain was the only redeemer for all to succumb.
As was then, it also is as such now – for all can be found in this album “Essence Without Light.”
It will transcend oneself to realms of ethereal bewilderment of having the pleasure to review such a testament to RAVEN X.
If this band was to get any tighter and talented they would cause Hell itself to split wide open. It’s graced with angelic harmony and demonic growls, instrumentals to sight the stars, infiltrating collaborations, with death becoming her and the grave dwelling amongst them, this band is far from dead.
Their music is much alive and worthy to be casted across the Universe, many the Devil’s feet trample unto Earth as the Angels cast horns unto it as well. All is to be lost without given the talents of Raven X. Give them a listen and support them any way you can.


Written by Ray Culbreth

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