Hideous Divinity

Hideous Divinity

Genre: Death Metal
From: Italy
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Veiled in darkness, coveted for flesh to walk the vine rows of sorrow! The fury ravishes the minds of those who flee on chariots of the forsaken on the path of seeking Hideous Divinity.
From across the seas, aged to perfection, these souls conform a blessed union of putrification to melt your skin and split your bones revealing the darkness of the blackened, tainted thirst for light that never shines.
Triggered blast to disintegrate your spine, grinding your nervous system to convulsions and enslaving your mind to thrash and hypnotizing ones inner being to look forth and allow the inner demons to fall and scream praises unto the conjuring for their release!
No longer able to lurk in the shadows of the mind you find yourself uninhibited, control no longer strength and total chaos invokes the urge to command lost spirits to form the circle of the mosh pit.
Their warlocks compose this symphony of dark blessings and rituals to proceed until the masses compel Lucifer’s anointings upon the gathering and acknowledges his pleasure for all that is lost in humanity.
Be it as it may the offerings of Hideous Divinity and their Creation of Obeisance Rising is spectacular. Straight metal up your ass!
Listen up and thrash the fuck out, talented instrumentalist, and vocalists are always collaborated insanely in metal music and should be praised for such greatness!


Written by Ray Culbreth

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