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Anna Renee to Release Amazing New Single!

I am always stoked to get emails with delectable little tidbits of information regarding new music. C’mon, who amongst those of us that live within song lyrics wouldn’t be? Exactly.
However, I’m saddened to say that most of us have at some time or another have gotten into a music rut, where we listen to what we “know”. Hey, I’m guilty as charged.
I promise you, what I am about to tell you about will break you out of the rut.
Whether you’re heartbroken and looking for something to drown your sorrows in, or empowered and looking for something to inspire you – Anna Renee‘s voice will meet your need.
Her breathtaking vocals will stop you in your tracks and make you wonder why you may not have heard of her before now, and the lyrics will steal your heart … for some of us, dare I say quiet your soul.

Her single “Sharks” off of her debut EP will be dropping September 23rd, 2014 on the iTunes store and the entire album “The Places You’ll Go” will follow on October 21,2014. The only thing you’ll be doing between the first and second date is waiting in anticipation to be able to purchase the whole thing, because I’m telling you ten seconds in and she will have you hooked!

A little excerpt on Anna via her Press Agent reads beautifully:

Anna Renee takes on the mask of the glamorous hallowed souls on her reflective new single, “Sharks.” Lurking beneath the surface of the disjointed rhythm lies a story of deceit and uncertainty, tainted by one faceless person after another, that are filled with empty promises. The ambiance that surrounds her smooth, soulful vocals comes together in waves of haunting synths and expressive piano, crafting a roller coaster of sound that gives you emotional whiplash. The melancholic experience of the track encompasses the meaning, with a dissonant chord structure and melodically monotone journey, it perfectly captures the soulless, broken people that become the focal point of the story. Be sure to check out Anna Renee’s exploration of the darker side of all of us on “Sharks.”

Already salivating? Good, you should be.

I’m going to provide you with links to the way we all like to get in contact these days – her internet information. Go forth, become fans and spread the word, spread the music. It’s too damn good not to.

Official Website
Listen to “Sharks”
Anna Renee’s Facebook


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