Vexing Souls – “Epic Conflict”


Art is born from the soul of the passionate, the creative, those that have something more to give of the world than even they can imagine. So often, especially in these times, it’s easy to miss the beauty that surrounds us because we are too busy meandering through life on auto-pilot. We forget that there is always a battle waging – between darkness and light. Most think that they would prefer the darkness to be banished, vanquished forever, but you must understand – to keep the balance, the yin/yang, to appreciate the light, you must keep both. The scales just have to be more evenly weighted.
Vexing Souls isn’t simply a band, and their album isn’t comprised of just melodies to sing along with.
Their works tell a story – THE story of Darkness and Light. The Novella (Written by Judy Burris of Vexing Souls) companion to the music is breathtaking, the words painting incredibly vivid images in your mind that makes you feel as if you are really there, the songs are a soundtrack, reinforcing the emotions that you are overwhelmed with.
If you enjoy Celtic, metal, and melodic notes that contain beauty and a rough edge, if you love to have the music that you listen to tell a story, or even if you just are enamored by Darkness Versus Light, then you definitely need to find yourself purchasing their Album “Epic Conflict.”
From the first song and word of the book, to the last note and page, this is a journey.
Are you a brave warrior? Do you want to feel like one? Take this journey, you won’t regret it:
Click here to enter another world, and be amazed!


  1. This is the most AMAZING review ever written about our music and my companion novella. I almost cried to think that someone finally “gets it” and understands the heart and soul of what my band is all about. I am beside myself with joy! Thank you Willow <3

    ~ Judy ~

    • It is absolutely incredible and awe inspiring, just how much I could feel the heart and soul that was poured into your work. It vibrates with energy, and envelopes the listener/reader, taking them to a place outside themselves.
      I only hope that I did it justice.
      Thank you again, for allowing me the chance to review what I can only call, your gifts.

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