The Evening Shades!

Welcome Mark Smith on vocals, Matt Taven on keys, Stephen Kay on guitar and Brandon Amador on drums for the phenomenal band, The Evening Shades!

Believe me when I tell you that these boys bring the heat! The vocals are amazing, the instrumentals are beautiful, agonizing, and sweet eargasmic pleasure!

I have listened to every song on their reverbnation (as you should, I strongly suggest it.) and I found myself sinking deeper into adoration with each tune, getting lost in the lyrics and once I reached the end of the playlist, I was left wanting more.

You desperately, and I cannot stress this enough, desperately need to check them out. If you dig Neutral Milk Hotel, Oasis and Iron & Wine, then you will go crazy over these guys.

So where can you find this band that I am singing such high praises of?

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Now, no more lingering here, move along and fall in love!

As always listen, love, and support indie music!

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