The Blue Soul Gypsys

I fall in like with music every day of my life, in fact, several times a day – but for me to fall in love with it, that takes something special.
The Blue Gypsys possess every single quality that made me fall, and keep falling in love with them.
They have a solid and distinctive sound, the vocals are outstanding, the lyrics incredible and the collective result is addictive. I dislike the term “earworm”, so I won’t use it, however, I will say that if you hear one song, just once, you’ll be hooked and keep all of their music on repeat without growing tired of them.
You know how you put albums on your playlist and wind up skipping half of the songs on it? Well, I could put every one of their songs on my playlist and I’d never want to skip even one.
I cannot suggest strongly enough that you get over to their REVERBNATION and listen to them right this minute. You will thank me.
Oh and don’t forget to follow them on twitter: @BlueSoulGypsys
And to The Blue Soul Gypsys themselves: You boys make me proud to be from Kentucky! Rock on, guys!


Written by WillowRaine

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