Rob Coonrod: The New Hotness!

If you haven’t already heard of, or met this man – let me be the one to show you the light that is known as Rob “Fire” Coonrod.
A man who plays solo, in Pink Fuzzy Animals and Three Trees! Very busy, indeed!
Hailing from Interlochen, Michigan, he is an artist, singer, songwriter and guitarist extraordinaire. He studied at Interlochen Arts Academy and then at CalArts, however I think that he was born to entertain. Coming from someone who has yet to see him perform live, that’s proof that he has made quite the impression on me. We all know that music only gets better live in most cases, so considering I already think he’s fantastic, it’s safe to assume that he’s gained himself a new fan. Once you guys hear him, he will have acquired a larger, even more awesome fanbase.
His songs range from thought provoking and deep, to witty and amusing, inflicting the entire range of your emotions upon you throughout a set. Very few musicians are capable of being so versatile without it seeming forced or kitchy and he is definitely among them. To say that I was impressed by his music and ability is an understatement.
I poured over his music, and his lyrics for hours, giving each and every song my full attention, as I do with every review. Normally I can find at least one song on any album or out of a setlist of any artist that makes me wish that it wasn’t there.
I didn’t have that problem with Rob’s pieces.
Several songs made me wish to know what his inspiration was, and how his thought processes lead him to create those lyrics, and a couple of them made me giggle, but nothing made me say/think “Oh why did you do that song?” That is difficult to accomplish and very rare with me, because when you are objective and honest, you are almost always guaranteed to find something to nitpick.
I found nothing but sheer, raw talent and simple badassness.

I urge you strongly to go and check out his site, and his reverbnation. Show some love and support to one of the REAL musicians.

Rob’s Site
Rob’s Reverbnation

On his site, be sure to check out the video under “The Book of Fire”. You’ll get to watch him actually create art, to the music of the late, great Spencer Bell.

If you love being the hero who introduces new music to your friends that they would have never heard otherwise, INVEST, SUPPORT, SHOW SOME LOVE to your indie musicians. Go forth my beautiful readers and purchase Rob’s music and merch.

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