Glen Templeton “Let Her Go”

I was in another room in my mother’s house, and I heard her blaring a song that I swore was Conway Twitty. When I popped back into the living room, she says to me with a glint in her eye “Who is this?” I raise a brow, sure in my knowledge because of my love of country music, and I say “Conway Twitty.” She chuckles and hands me her phone, pushing play so I could watch the video she’d been playing.
Was it Conway? No, it was a guy whose name was not listed on the post or video anywhere – not even in the thousands of comments under it. [Thanks, Facebook.]
What do I do? I start combing the recesses of the internet until I find this golden-voiced man.
Glen Templeton.
I shout for joy, do some possibly embarrassing ‘happy wiggle dance’ and then I set to watching his videos on youtube. Man, I was in heaven. Not only can he sound eerily close to Conway, but he is a hugely talented singer in his own right, with a soulful voice that knows no bounds.
Ultimately, I happen upon this gem here – watch, listen, appreciate:

Beautiful, no? I’m sure you’ve all heard the original by Passenger, and it is an amazing song in general, but Glen adds an edge to his version of it that is just incomparable. If you want to know more about him, check out tour dates, or sign up for his newsletter – please pop on over to his site: Glen Templeton

Talent like this is rare, and definitely an incredible find!

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