From: Galicia
Genre: Doom/Death Metal
Bandcamp – Listen

Treading international wretched wastelands, Deathwalking consumes your mind.
Raising the hairs on your neck, the doom your senses receive from this band of corpses is enough to make your spine cringe.
With deep, invigorating tones, beats compared to that of hallowed crypts.
Vocals to inspire the mouth of hell to vomit forth damnation on your soul.
With all of this there is great substance to what this band aspires in stories of darkness beyond just emptiness.
As in music being a worldly language there is common ground for all to enjoy.
Deathwalking as they infect your ears with their soul eating love lust for music.
Be advised to cross into the netherworld with your war helmet because they are the gatekeepers of flesh consuming melodies that will enchant all who wonder into the unknown.
Check this very talented group of musicians out at your own risk!!!
I did and now I’m scarred for life because with all great music endures sacrifice and support.
Listen to Deathwalking and all that you love and explore…
Remember to love and support metal music.

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